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Promotional Travel Mugs, Custom Travel Mugs

Promotional travel mugs have remained a top advertising gift for years.  They’re popular with all kinds of people because they’re convenient and they cut down on disposable coffee cup litter.  For this reason, advertisers continue to be drawn to them as effective marketing tools. carries a wide variety of styles and designs.  They can be made from various kinds of materials, including stainless steel and plastic.  But no matter what material they are made of, they all do the same thing: keep hot beverages hot over an extended period of time.

Custom travel mugs may be single-walled or double-walled.  Single-walled designs, as the name suggests, are made of a single layer of material, usually stainless steel or aluminum.  These materials have an inherent ability to keep heat in, especially when the mug is sealed with a lid to prevent heat from escaping out of the top.

Double-walled travel mugs are made from two layers of material with a space between the two layers.  In some models this space is empty, while in other models it may be filled with a layer of insulating foam.  The outer layer can be made from several different types of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.  The inner layer is almost always made of heavy-duty, food-grade plastic.  Each layer has a specific function.  The inner layer acts as the first barrier to heat transfer/heat loss.  The space between the layers or the foam core acts as the second barrier, increasing the mug’s ability keep the beverage hot.  The outer layer adds yet another layer of insulation, but is also the decorative and stylistic part of the travel mug.  Having the inner layer and the insulating core helps to keep the outer layer cool to the touch, preventing burns from occurring.

Both single and double-walled promotional travel mugs are effective at keeping beverages hot.  But keep in mind that double-walled styles are more effective than single-walled styles.  Drinks will stay hotter much longer in a double-walled design.  When using a single-walled travel mug, temperature control and caution is important because the mug will be hotter to the touch than a double-walled style.  (All of the custom travel mugs that Art Promo’s stocks have been tested and approved as safe when used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.)

Single-walled styles are typically less expensive than double-walled designs, so they’re an excellent choice for those who are new to advertising with custom travel mugs.  They’re also an economical choice for smaller advertisers on a budget.  Both single-walled and double-walled vary in price according to the materials they are made of.  All-plastic styles tend to be less expensive than those made fully or partially of metal (stainless steel, aluminum).

Other important things to know about custom promotional travel mugs:

* Metal mugs tend to last longer than plastic ones.

* Metal mugs tend to retain an imprint longer than plastic ones.

* Many metal styles can be engraved as well as imprinted.

* Some travel mugs cannot be washed in a dishwasher.  Check the manufacturer’s instructions if you are unsure.

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