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Double Walled Travel Mugs, Custom Travel Mugs

The travel mug revolutionized coffee-on-the-go.  Whether it's your commute to work or a road trip across the country, a travel mug keeps your hot drinks hot and prevents spills.

Many travel mugs, including the ones that we carry at, have a double-wall or dual-wall feature.  Double walled custom travel mugs make welcome promotional gifts and offer more protection against heat loss than regular promotional mugs.

How Double Walled Travel Mugs Work

As the name suggests, these types of mugs are made up of a double layer of material.  They consist of a separate inner and outer shell.  In between the two walls is either an empty space or a cushion of insulating foam.  Sometimes the inner and outer walls are made of the same material, other times they may consist of two different materials.  The most common materials used for making custom travel mugs are plastic and stainless steel.  Less common are custom travel mugs made from ceramic, although they do exist.  (Ceramic travel mugs are usually less preferred with users because they're heavier and breakable and thus inconvenient for use while traveling.)

The double wall serves two major purposes.  First, it provides an extra barrier against loss of heat.  Both the outer wall as well as the cushion between the walls helps keep heat from escaping from the inside.  (A double walled mug may keep a beverage hot for an hour or two up to several hours, depending on its construction.)  Secondly, because the extra layers block heat from the inside from escaping too quickly to the outside, it keeps the outside of the mug from becoming overly hot to the touch.

How to Care for a Double Walled Travel Mug

Promotional travel mugs with dual walls usually require a bit of special care.  They typically cannot be washed in a dishwasher.  This is because water tends to breech the inner layer between the two walls by entering seams within the mug's construction during washing.  Any water that gets in between the two walls will negate its ability to keep your beverage hot for extended periods of time and may even lead to mold growth.

Hand-washing is almost always recommended for double walled mugs.  You should never submerge it in a sink full of water, again, to prevent water from seeping through any seams.  Rather, fill the inside with warm soapy water and wash with a cloth or scrubbing brush and then rinse under hot running water.  Running a damp soapy cloth around the outside will get the outer wall clean.  If you care for your mug properly, it has to potential to last for years.  Additionally, washing by hand preserves any imprinting for a much longer period of time, keeping your logo vibrant for as long as the mug lasts. carries over 140 different custom travel mugs, including several dozen double walled mugs.  They're available in a variety of materials (including plastic and stainless steel mugs), colors and designs.




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