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Custom Printed Duffel Bags, Imprinted Duffel Bag

Thinking of choose custom printed duffel bags as a promotional item or to outfit a team? These versatile bags are associated with both athletics and travel and make excellent promos for both categories of users. Here are some interesting facts about the duffel that may help you decide on a style for your branding needs.

Duffel bags go by a few different common names, including “gym bags” and “kit bags.”  They are often associated with the military too.  Navy personnel sometimes call them “sea bags.”  Sometimes they’re Whatever nickname they happen to go by, they all originated from the cylindrical-shaped bag that originated in Duffel, Belgium (although in North America the word is commonly spelled “duffle”)in the early to mid 1900’s.  They were made from a heavy type of fabric that came from that city.

The earliest versions were made for military, particularly the Navy, which is why they are associated with the military. To this day they are still used by military personnel, though they have found their way into pop culture as well, largely because they were perfect for traveling.  They became trendy in mainstream culture in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Later they were adopted by travelers, students, sports enthusiasts and athletes for everyday use.

Duffel bags can be almost any size.  While they were originally made from heavy canvas-like material, today they can be made with all kinds of different materials and still be classified as “duffle bags.”  What really makes a bag a “duffle” is its shape.  Cylindrical and almost bullet-like, it has a streamlined effect that makes it easy to carry and transport.  Typically flexible, the duffel can stand up to being thrown around (like into the belly of an airplane), to riding on an airport conveyer belt or to being stuffed into a gym locker or the trunk of a car.

Most of today’s imprinted duffel bags, like the ones we carry here at ArtPromos, have a few things in common:

Handles: They’re outfitted with short, loop-style handles at the top of the bag to allow for hand-transport.

Straps: In addition to carry handles, many designs also have some type of shoulder strap that can be adjusted to fit.  The strap gives the user a second option for carrying the bag over the shoulder rather than in the hands.  Carrying the bag using the shoulder strap is usually easier when the bag is fuller and heavier.

Zippered main compartment: The main compartment of a duffel bag is generally quit roomy which is one of the reason they’re popular with travelers.  The main compartment can be closed with a zipper.

Some custom printed duffel bags have some extra features like added pockets and compartments.  Smaller pockets and pockets on the outside of the bag are perfect for smaller items like keys, cell phones, money and travel documents.  Some are outfitted with wheels and a pull-handle making the bag easy to roll through an airport.

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