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Promotional Logo Binoculars, Promotional Binoculars

Promotional logo binoculars make fabulous advertising gifts if you happen to have hunters, wildlife watchers, live sports enthusiasts and travelers on your customer list.  If you can't get up close, binoculars bridge the gap in a way that is safe and allows the user to enjoy seeing an object as clearly as if he was right next to it.

They're often referred to as a "pair" of binoculars, even though binoculars are a single object.  They're spoken of in plural because they're made up of two scopes.  You might think of them as two telescopes (or monoculars) joined together, one for each eye.  Binoculars provide an added visual depth that you can't get by using a telescope, rendering the image you are viewing more three dimensional.  They allow for a more realistic picture of what you're looking at.  How much detail you're able to see depends on the numbers attached to a particular pair.

What the Numbers Mean

The power of a particular set of binoculars is represented by two numbers with an "X" symbol in between, such as this: 7 X 35.  The first number refers to the magnification power of the device.  A device with a magnification of 7 will make the targeted object appear seven times larger.  The promotional logo binoculars we carry generally range in magnification power from four to ten.

The second number represents the diameter of the objective lens.  (The objective lenses are the larger lenses, the ones at the front of the device that allow the image to enter the binoculars.)  Most of the promotional logo binoculars we carry range from a lens size of 21 to size 35.  The larger the lens, the more light that will enter the device.  Larger lenses are better, therefore, when viewing things in the dark, like at night time.  Smaller lenses are usually sufficient for daytime use, although cloud cover may result in poorer viewing with small lenses.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Promotional Logo Binoculars

Selecting a pair with the right numbers will depend on the kinds of activities that the device will be most often used for.  Hunters pursuing small prey, such as birds, may need binoculars with a higher magnification.  A bigger lens may be necessary for hunting in low light conditions, like the very early morning.  For recreational use (like wildlife viewing or to get a closer view of the action at a live sports event from the nosebleed seats) lower magnification and an average lens size may be sufficient.  However, even in wildlife viewing there are lots of variables, like the type and size of the wildlife and how far away you'll be, on average, from your viewing target.  These are all things to consider when selecting promotional logo binoculars as an advertising gift for customers or staff members.  If you aren't sure, Art Promos advises that you choose something in the mid-spectrum, like an 8 X 25 which will be sufficient for a variety of uses and viewing targets.

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