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Imprinted Paper Tote Bags, Personalized Paper Shopping Bags

Promotional paper tote bags have resurged in popularity in recent years, in part due to a trend toward reducing plastic bag waste.  (In fact, an ever-increasing number of cities, regions and even entire states are banning the use of plastic shopping bags by retailers.)  But rather than using simple paper shopping bags, a number of retailers, including big national chains and franchises, are packaging their customers' purchases in imprinted paper tote bags.  The reason is the extra touch of elegance that they provide.  Promotional paper shopping bags add class to a purchase and, subsequently, to the retailer's overall image and brand.

If you're new to the idea of using imprinted paper tote bags, these facts will help you understand them better and make a more informed selection:

* Some paper bags are treated with a plastic finish/coating: If getting away from plastics is important to you as a business owner, check to see if the product you're interested in contains a plastic coating.  Other components of the bag, such as the handle, may also contain plastic.  Even the holes that secure the handle to the bag may be reinforced with plastic.  Be sure you understand what your bag is made of.

* Paper shopping bags may not be recyclable in your area.  If keeping trash out of your local landfill is something that's important to you (or perhaps even mandated by the area in which your business is located), make sure your selection is one that can be recycled.  Every personalized paper shopping bag that sells is recyclable, either as a whole or broken down into its various parts.  But not every community and region is necessarily set up to handle this type of recycling, so do check with yours before you buy.

* Imprinted totes can be made from various types of paper.  Some are manufactured out of heavy-gauge, wood-based paper.  Others are made from cardboard pulp.  Sometimes the type of material is important, especially when it comes to recycling the bags after their shelf life ends.

* The handles of paper totes may not be made from paper.  Most, but not all of the bags that carries have handles made of wide paper ribbon that has been twisted and compressed into a kind of paper rope.  These handles can usually be recycled along with the rest of the bag.

Other bags may have different types of handles.  Some bags that Art Promos carries feature plastic or plastic-based handles or fabric/rope handles.  The composition of the handle may be especially important to you if you're hoping to purchase imprinted paper tote bags that are completely recyclable.

* They come in every color imaginable.  No matter what color you're looking for or what color your logo is, has an imprinted paper tote bag to match or complement your logo or store colors.

* Some ink colors don't show well against certain background colors.  If your logo is brightly-colored, it's sometimes better to choose a bag that is dark in color.  Conversely, if your logo is dark in color, it will probably show up better against a lighter-colored background.

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