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Promotional Stainless Steel Mugs, Customized Mugs

Stainless steel has revolutionized the coffee mug.  Mugs have been a staple promotional product for decades, but the custom stainless steel mug only entered pop culture in the last two decades.  Today it is at least as popular as the ceramic coffee mug, and it's not just because of its sleek look.  Promotional stainless steel mugs have some distinct advantages over other types of drinkware materials.  Promotional stainless steel mugs:

* Have excellent strength-to-weight ratio: It is super-strong in comparison to the thickness and weight of the material.  If you're looking for a durable mug, nothing beats it.

* Are easier and less expensive to transport: With the rising prices of shipping, choosing a mug that is lighter in weight can help you stretch your advertising dollars further.  Many promotional stainless steel mugs are lighter than ceramic mugs so they cost less to ship and are easier to transport to off-site events.

* Are unbreakable: Few things are worse than transporting a case of customized mugs to an event or trade show, only to have some arrive broken.  Eliminate this problem and choose stainless mugs.

* Resist corrosion:  Stainless steel does not corrode as some other metals do.  This makes it an ideal material for holding liquids.  Your promotional stainless steel mug will last for years, maybe even decades.

* Are easy to clean: Stainless steel is non-porous, which makes it resistant to staining.  It also means that it requires little or no elbow grease to clean.  Often a good rinse with hot water is all that is needed to remove surface residue.

* Have an excellent surface for imprinting: Since it is non-porous, stainless steel will readily accept an imprint without bleeding.  Ink colors will remain true and won't fade or rub off.

* Won't retain odor or taste: Because of its non-porous nature, stainless steel mugs won't absorb odor or taste, so it's okay to switch beverages.  Your coffee won't end up tasting or smelling like hot chocolate.

* Are ideal for hot or cold liquids: You can use the same mug for hot chocolate or for cold milk and it will work equally well. also carries a wide selection of imprinted water bottles made from stainless steel, perfect for filling with icy cold water for a bike ride or jog.  If you're looking for a mug primarily to be used with hot drinks, choose a double-walled design.  Double-walled designs have an outer layer of stainless steel and an inner layer of plastic or stainless steel with a cushion of space in between.  This design helps the liquid stored inside to retain its temperature for a longer period of time.  It also helps to keep the outside of the mug from getting too hot to the touch.

* Are affordable: Custom stainless steel mugs are comparable in cost to ceramic mugs, which is why they are gaining in popularity with advertisers.  Their durability, longevity and ability to accept an imprint make them a sound, cost-effective and lasting investment.

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