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Custom Stadium Cups, Stadium Cup

The “stadium cup,” as it is popularly known, is a relatively new trend.  Reusable Promotional stadium cups got their start at sports stadiums, giving them their name.  These days they can be found at a variety of venues, from amusement parks to convenience stores.  Although the concept of the custom stadium cup is a relatively modern one, plastic cups have been around for decades, and they originated from disposable paper cups.

Paper cups have been traced back to Imperial China in the second century.  However, the contemporary paper cup only entered pop culture in America in the early 1900s.  Prior to this, it was common to place communal drinking water stations in public places, much like the drinking fountains of today.  These early drinking water stations often consisted of a large barrel filled with water and a single cup.  If you got thirsty, you could help yourself by dipping the cup into the barrel and taking a drink.

Of course, the problem with this was the fact that so many people were using the same cup.  It soon became evident that sharing a public cup lead to the spread of illness.  This lead to the development of the first paper cups in North America.  They provided a healthier alternative to sharing a communal cup, and soon cities began to ban the use of the public cup in favor of disposable, single-use paper cups.  Not only were they adopted by cities, they quickly came into widespread use in schools, hospitals and even private homes.

Fast forward to the 1990s when the public was becoming more cognizant of the problems associated with disposables of all kinds, including the paper cup.  In an effort to curb the growing use, and subsequent throwing away, of single-use drinking cups, stadiums began offering patrons reusable plastic cups.  Patrons often paid a little bit more for them, but vendors compensated for the increased prices by offering incentives like free refills and discounts for patrons who brought their own cups in for filling.

The idea caught on with the public, and soon Custom Promotional stadium cups were everywhere.  They’re commonly sold in all kinds of public venues where thirsty guests might want to have a drink.  It has helped to cut back on the amount of litter generated by disposables, and it has made it possible for advertisers to place their logos on an item that gets used not just once, but over and over again, both at the event or location and then, later on, at home. Custom stadium cups are relatively inexpensive, and advertisers can pass on the cost of the cup to patrons if desired.  And though Custom imprinted Paper Cups are unlikely to ever disappear entirely and still have value when it comes to preventing the spread of disease, healthy use of plastic cups (and subsequent recycling of the cup at the end of its life) can preserve both personal health AND the health of the planet.

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