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Promotional Cooler Bags, Imprinted Insulated Bags

Go the beach, the park or any campground and you're bound to see more than a few insulated cooler bags.  They're convenient and easily portable and do a great job of keeping perishable foods cool for long periods of time.  Advertisers who want to reach consumers who like spending time outdoors are turning to imprinted cooler bags.

Promotional  insulated bags come in a wide range of sizes, so advertisers have many options to consider.  From lunch bag size to chest size, promotional cooler bags are available for a variety of uses, with vast potential for reaching different markets and target groups. 

Not sure where to start?  Here are some tips that will help you select just the right design for your specific purpose:

* Smaller bags typically cost more than larger ones.  If you’re a smaller advertiser on a tight budget, start your search by looking at lunch-size promotional cooler bags.  They're about the size of a brown paper sack and just perfect for a single lunch.  Insulated imprinted lunch bags are excellent for targeting school students and working professionals with your advertising.

* Rectangular-shaped cooler bags are often sized according to how many cans they will hold.  For example, a 12-can cooler has been designed to fit exactly 12 standard-sized beverage cans.  This will help you choose the size that's most appropriate for your needs.

* Cooler bags may come with a range of extra design features.  Some of these features include divided inner compartments, extra exterior pockets, mesh pockets, zippered compartments, different types of carry handles, adjustable shoulder straps and more.  Larger models sometimes come with wheels/castors and a telescoping handle.  This makes it easier to transport a larger cooler bag, especially when it's heavy and filled with food.  These extra features appeal to different types of consumers.  Keep your audience in mind when choosing a promotional cooler bag and select one with the features they would be most interested in.

* They come in a range of shapes too.  Rectangular is the most common shape, but insulated cooler bags also come in triangular and cylindrical shapes.  Again, think about your audience and what will most appeal to it.

* The more tightly you pack a cooler, the longer the contents will stay cool.  For this reason, smaller coolers are better for day trips and larger models are better for longer periods like multi-day camping trips.

* Avoid using ice cubes in cooler bags.  Their pointed corners and sometimes jagged edges can damage the inner lining.  Instead, use self-contained frozen ice packs to keep contents cool.

* Advise users to follow instructions that come with their coolers for safe and optimal use. stocks over 300 different styles of promotional cooler bags.  They come in different colours and with a variety of features, in prices that start as low as two dollars each (including imprint).



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