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Imprinted Water Bottles, Promotional Sports Bottles

Reusable sports water bottles are everywhere these days.  They're popular with athletes, students, commuters and even the general population.  It's why so many advertisers are turning to imprinted water bottles, and why they've surpassed the good old-fashioned customized mug as a favorite drinkware promotional gift.

But there are even more persuasive reasons to use promotional sports bottles in your next advertising campaign.  They have some benefits that make them ideal for both advertisers and end users.

The Benefits to Users

* Less water bottle waste.  An estimated 38 million disposable water bottles are discarded each year.  Many end up in local landfills.  Some do make it to the recycling depot, and arguably, this is better than going to the landfill.  But using reusable water bottles can help cut down the number of discarded water bottles.  Every time you use your promotional imprinted water bottle, it's one less disposable to worry about.

* Tap water is as safe as, and sometimes safer than, Promotional bottled water.  Surprisingly, bottled water isn't always "pure spring water" as consumers sometimes think.  It is estimated that up 25 percent of the bottled water available in stores comes straight from the tap.  Additionally, about 18 percent of bottlers don't list the source of the water on their labels at all, and some bottled water even contains synthetic chemicals.  If your home tap water comes from a reliable source, you are better off drinking that because you're better able to verify what's really in it.

* Tap water is cheaper than bottled water.  Even if you pay for home water usage, a single glass is typically 50 to 90 percent cheaper than bottled water.  If you happen to purchase bulk bottled water for a home water cooler, filling your imprinted water bottle is still less costly than purchasing a single bottle of water.

* Reusable bottles are less toxic.  Disposable bottles typically contain BPA's, which are known to disrupt hormone function and balance.  When you select a reusable bottle that is BPA free, you avoid exposure to harmful BPA's.

The Benefits to Advertisers

* Imprinted water bottles are cost-effective.  Here are, they range in price from about $1.50 to approximately $7, with an average cost of around $3.25 per bottle, including your imprinted logo/message.  This is comparable to the cost of that other old advertising favorite, the promotional ceramic mug.  They weigh less, so they are generally less expensive to ship and to transport to off-site events, and they give your business great exposure for dollars spent.  Plus, your promotional sports bottle has the potential to be used hundreds of times (with hundreds of chances for exposure of your brand) and last for several years or more, and it can be recycled when it finally reaches the end of its life span.

* You get to be a part of the movement toward a healthier, greener planet.  Businesses set the standard when it comes to good stewardship of the earth's resources.  When you take a stand for a healthier planet, it has a ripple effect, and consumers take notice.  Your influence is probably greater than you realize when it comes to encouraging people to take care of the earth.

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