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Imprinted Backpacks, Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks make excellent advertising tools, especially if your business or organization is related to education.  Everyone associates the backpack with school, so imprinting your logo and name on them can help solidify that link in customers minds between your business and school, education and learning.  Elementary and high schools, colleges and tutoring services are excellent candidates for creating a successful advertising campaign using promotional backpacks.

All backpacks have a couple of things in common.  The main similarity between just about every one ever produced is the large inside compartment that makes it the ideal way to transport medium to large-size items like text books.  The second common denominator is the straps which, when worn over the shoulders, allows the user to transport items while keeping his or her hands free.

Beyond these two characteristics, individual backpacks diverge and may have a whole range of features that aren't necessarily found in every single style.  When choosing your imprinted backpacks for your advertising campaign, it helps to understand some of these varying features and what they do for the user:

1) Compartments: While all backpacks tend to have a large main compartment, some are designed with split/divided compartments or extra ones either inside or outside the main compartment.  Divided compartments allow a user to keep different items separate from one another, such as keeping textbooks in one and everything else (like lunch bags and school supplies) in another.  Smaller compartments can be used to store items like pencils and pens, cell phones, keys and other small items (which tend to get lost or crushed by larger objects in the main compartment).

When choosing an imprinted backpack, think about who will be using your backpacks.  Younger children tend to carry fewer items to school, so a single-compartment design will probably suffice.  Older students tend to have larger and more textbooks and in general carry more items to school, so a dual-compartment style with extra smaller compartments will appeal to this group.

2) Shoulder straps: All backpacks have them, but the type differs from style to style.  Shoulder straps on bigger bags meant for carrying textbooks and school supplies should be padded, providing greater comfort for the user and less stress on the body.  Smaller packs, especially those designed not for books and supplies but rather for shoes and clothing, often have very simple straps without padding which are usually sufficient for Customized apparel items since they are lighter.

3) Single versus dual slider zippers: Some styles have pocket zippers with one slider while others have two, one at each end of the opening and which can meet in the middle.  Dual sliders may have a slight advantage when it comes to ease of opening, especially for young children.

4) Pockets: Outside pockets are handy for storing and carrying small and flat items (like notebooks), especially when a user wants to have quick and easy access to an item.  Side pockets are handy for storing items like promotional water bottles.  Sometimes pockets are elasticized so that they can accommodate items of varying sizes

5) Handles: Not all backpacks have them, and they may or may not be important to all users. A handle at the top allows the user to carry the bag by hand, like a suitcase.

6) Loops: Some (but not all) backpacks have a loop at the top.  Though they are sometimes mistaken for a handle, loops are included so that the bag can be hung easily from a hook or doorknob (instead of by a shoulder strap, which causes uneven weight distribution and often sends the bag crashing to the floor).  Loops are a good feature for a children's promotional backpack because children often have a designated classroom hook for hanging a backpack.

7) Insulated compartments: These are usually smaller than the main compartment and are designed for keeping food fresh and temperature-controlled.  An insulated compartment eliminates the need for the user to carry a separate promotional lunch bag to school or work.

The promotional backpacks at come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, colours and even shapes.  With all of these features in various combinations, advertisers have hundreds of style possibilities.

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