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Guide to Promotional Golf Items: More Than Just Golf Balls For Golfers

Golf is often considered to be one of the more expensive hobbies or sports for the average consumer to pursue. Even so, a golf-themed promotion can still be affordable for your business and appeal to a target audience of a wide income range. Keep in mind the wide range of types, varieties, brands, and prices of promotional golf items out there. With golf's upper-scale reputation, even a lower priced golf promotional item will have a high perceived value, will symbolize high quality, and will be reflective of an upscale company image for your business, product, or service.

The types of promotional golf items out there range from: simple logo golf balls, to promotional tees, promotional divot tools, promotional golf gloves, golf gift sets, to accessories, apparel, promotional sport bottles, promotional golf towels, and golf accessory bag. Golf promotional items can range from simple brand-name custom logo golf balls, to golf ball accessory bags or reasonably-priced golf tournament giveaway bags and golf event bags.

Choose a practical, re-usable product that can be used on or off the golf course.

Even a really golf-specific promotion can benefit by having dual-use products (which can be used on or off the course), such as: golf shirts, promotional golf caps, sunglasses, water bottles, can imprinted insulated coolers, customized can koosies, towels, and custom imprinted golf umbrellas which can be equally useful both to golf enthusiasts and to the general public whether they are on a golf course or not.

Any promotional golf item that can be worn or carried is a walking billboards which means free advertising.

Custom golf shirts are not just for golf. Golf shirts, also known as tennis/polo/sport shirts, are always popular imprinted products that easily double as business casual wear, or a company-identifying sales team uniform. Depending on your budget and the quantity of items needed, you might also want to consider other universal, unisex types of apparel such as: Imprinted T-shirts (which some non-golfers might even think the golf term "tees" refer to), custom imprinted sweatshirts, windbreakers, long-sleeved shirts, or any other apparel item.

Mixing golf and business dealings is a common practice.

With golf and business dealings sharing a long history together, business and corporate workers remain a good target audience for a golf or golf-themed promotion. And, while this is true, don't forget to be aware of the fact that not every businessman or businesswoman may be good at or even like golf.

In some industries, golf is considered an important business skill and it is even taught at some colleges and graduate schools.

Business deals often grow out of relationships developed at business golfing outings. There are many known benefits of combining golf with business deals as playing the game helps people learn each other's character and after game drinks often play an important part, too.

For golf enthusiasts there doesn't have to be an off-season period.

The golf season generally runs from April to around October, so if you want to time your golf promotion to be during the season, you'll want to keep that time frame in mind. But many businessmen or vacation travelers that consider a trip to a warm-weather locale (where weather is almost always play permitting) an opportunity to get in a game, for them there may never really be an off-season.

The peak golf season encompasses the four "Grand Slam" events in men's golf, which include: The Masters; The U.S. Open; The British Open; and the PGA Championships. Outside of these events is the off-season. Other ways to define the peak season is the weather, e.g., some geographies do have different off-seasons when the weather isn't appropriate to play the game, so be sure to also keep that in mind when planning your event.

Golf Etiquette is an important part of the game. Choose your golf promotional item accordingly.

Be aware of the golf etiquette rules that are a big part of the game. Choose promotional products that complement this quality of the game that may be less obvious to the outsider.

Golf etiquette includes being nice, quiet, and polite and is meant to support the prestige, safety and pace of the game. Choose golf apparel and accessories that help encourage a clean appearance as well as good etiquette, consider: club brushes, shoe bags, caps, bag tags, divot fixer tools, ball markers, or a combo divot tool and ball marker. Some of these smaller items can be packaged as really inexpensive golf care kits, which include the tees, markers, and tools, but also antiseptic wipes, band-aids, and sunscreen.

Golf-themed quotes or humor, as in movies or jokes, have universal appeal.

Keep in mind that not everyone loves golf. But that's okay. You won't alienate them if you combine golf-themed media with the universal appeal of stories with a common moral or punch line that everyone can relate to.

Draw your clients in with familiar golf movie references like Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore, or humor and quotes that anyone can relate, too. Note: You might want to stay away from some golf humor that would include golf-specific references that non-golfers wouldn't understand.

During the peak golf season, depending on how well certain celebrity golfers, such as Tiger Woods, are playing, you may want to have a golf-themed promotion handy in order to piggy-back on related media reports and use popular keyword search terms in your online sales copy. When doing so, remember to always have a promotional giveaway or prize be something that will appeal to all levels of golf enthusiasts, who are all regular people off the course, too.

Take it one step further and put logos on any outdoor item such as hats, sunglasses, or even consumer outdoor products such as sunscreen or bug repellents, etc. In trying to appeal to that wider audience, both on and off the golf course, be sure to keep your choices classy or your promotion won't be consistent with the sport or the company image that you want it to be associated with. One tactic to use to relate to non-golfers is to use references to "miniature golf" which most people will usually have some sort of nostalgic memory of. That is also a way to avoid getting into a technical conversation around golf if that is something that you (or your potential customer) might not be familiar enough with to feel comfortable discussing.

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