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What to Look for in a Imprinted Umbrella

Every business owner knows that promotional gifts are an inexpensive and effective way to advertise. If you're a business owner looking for something more scintillating than the standard imprinted pen or promotional mug, Imprinted umbrellas may help your business stand out in a crowd. Umbrellas are actually one of the most effective business promotional gifts you can invest in. They are practical gifts with universal appeal, suitable for both men and women and even children. They have a distinctive advantage over pens when it comes to advertising your company. A pen with your logo on it may only be seen by the person who uses the pen. On the other hand, an umbrella with your business logo can be seen by everyone around the person carrying it. They are highly visible, distinctive, mobile advertisements for your company.

In order to maximize the potential of any promotional umbrellas you invest in, there are a few features that you should ask for. Among those are:

* Your logo printed on more than one side of the umbrella. Imprinted umbrellas will only plug your business if your logo is actually visible to most people. When you order, be sure to ask if your logo can be imprinted on two or more panels. This way, it will be visible from multiple angles.

* Large print. Request that your logo be screened in large-scale print. It needs to be visible from as far away as possible to get the most bang for your advertising buck. It will likely have to fit on one panel of the umbrella. If it isn't large enough to be seen clearly, then choose an umbrella with larger panels. Even if it costs you a little more, it will be money well spent. It defeats the purpose if trying to save a few dollars means no one can read your logo anyway.

* Reflective or glow-in-the dark screening. You'll get twice as much "air time" for your advertising if it can be seen at night as well as during the day. Plus, it's an extra safety feature for the user.* Your logo on the handle. Having it printed on the handle will give your company exposure even when the umbrella is folded up and its panels aren't visible.

* Covers. Promotional Umbrellas which come with covers give you yet another place to have your logo printed, meaning even more visibility and exposure.

* Contrasting colors. Be sure that your logo is printed in a color which contrasts with its background. In other words, use bright screening on a dark umbrella or dark print on a brightly-colored umbrella. If your available print options are limited to colors which are too close to the umbrella's color than choose a different umbrella. Once again, it's all about bang for your buck. If your logo gets washed out by its background, no one will see it. If no one can see it, you've wasted your money.

Remember, the more practical the umbrella, the more likely it is to get used, shared or given away to someone else. Look for deluxe features like telescopic folding capability, windproof vented canopies, wooden grips and automatic spring-loaded opening. Your potential clients will love the extra details, and your umbrella will be far less likely to be tossed into the recesses of a coat closet and forgotten about.

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