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Custom Printed Laptop Bags

Research suggests that laptop and tablet device ownership is on the rise.  Many people prefer portable devices over desktops.  Some consumers use them exclusively even when at work or at their desks at home.  With consumer use on the rise, the opportunity to for advertisers to cash in is also growing.

Custom printed laptop bags are one of the best ways to reach the portable device user with an advertising message or branding campaign.  A majority of portable device users also use some type of bag or sleeve with their portable devices.  Laptop bags and tablet sleeves have two major advantages for the user.  They provide a convenient and practical way to transport the device from place to place.  They also serve as a means for protecting the device from damage like scratching and denting.

One of the best reasons to choose custom printed laptop bags as a means of advertising is their high-visibility.  They go everywhere the device goes.  Laptop and tablet users take their devices all over the place: to work, to coffee shops, on commuter trains, to airports and on airplanes, to the library, even to the beach and the park.  A custom printed laptop bag becomes a mobile advertisement that reaches not the bag owner but those around him in all the various places that the bag travels.

Who to Target with Custom Printed Laptop Bags

The two biggest groups of portable device users are professionals and students.  By putting your custom printed laptop bags into their hands, your advertising will be seen by more people.  Here are few suggestions for targeting the right market:

Targeting students: Get your bags into the hands of college students by participating in on-campus events.  Younger students, like those in elementary and high school, can be reached by partnering with schools, especially those that offer laptop programs, classes and courses.  Other good ways to get your custom printed laptop bags to student audiences is through student-oriented trade shows and events, campus job fairs, campus visitation weekends.

Colleges and universities are prime candidates for advertising with custom printed laptop bags and tablet sleeves.  Disburse them at high schools to potential recruits.  Or, sell them in your school's bookstore or gift shop.

Targeting professionals: Trade shows are great venues for connecting with professionals and distributing your promotional products.  Look for trade shows and events that will attract business people, healthcare providers and other professionals.  Corporate events are also excellent for connecting with professionals.  Bags can be handed out as gifts when guests sign up for a company newsletter, free trial offer or products and services.  They're also great as contest giveaways or as gifts-with-purchase.

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