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Guide to Filling a Regional Niche with Business Promotional Gifts

Give your Customers Promotional Gifts that fit with where they live.

Business promotional gifts that have the biggest impact on receivers are gifts which are practical and perfectly suited to a person's lifestyle. Since it's impossible to know the character of every potential client, the next best idea is to invest in promotional gifts which meet the needs of the region in which you are advertising or participating in a trade show. If you're dealing with an area you know little or nothing about, this may require a bit of research. However, your efforts are sure to pay off in terms of the impact that your business promotional gifts will have on those you come into contact with.

Researching a city or region is usually as simple as doing a quick Internet search. Other great sources of information include tourism bureaus, the local Chamber of Commerce and even established businesses in the area. The amount of time you'll need to spend hunting for information shouldn't take longer than an hour or so. It will be time well spent and will pay future dividends. When researching, try to find out some of the following things about the city or region you plan to advertise in:

* Climate and weather. If you are participating in trade show in a place like Florida or southern California where the weather is predominantly warm and beaches are abundant, promotional gifts for the beach will have a great deal of impact. Choose products like customized frisbees, beach bags and even beach sets for children. On the other hand, beach toys may not go over as well in a place like Seattle. Instead, Washingtonians would probably get more use out of a promotional umbrella or rain ponchos.

* Sports and sporting events. Perhaps the region your trade show is taking place is known for its world-class golf courses. In this case, promotional golf items like golf balls, promotional golf tees and golf bags would be high-impact items to distribute. Maybe you want to capitalize on a region known for hosting marathons. One automotive parts distributor brought promotional sports water bottles, imprinted sweatbands and custom first aid kits to a trade show in Boston that happened to coincide with the Boston Marathon. "I couldn't hand them out fast enough" he stated. "I'll definitely do this again next year." Look for events like golf tournaments, Little League championships, swim meets, cheerleading competitions, bowling tournaments and even professional sports teams. Then capitalize on those interests.

*Other big events. Events like fairs, classic car shows, drag races, boat shows, parades, festivals, etc. draw a particular genre of people. Choose promotional gifts based on these interests. Your business promotional gifts will pack an even bigger punch if you coincide distribution with the event(s).

* Industry. Is there a predominant industry in the area you plan to visit? For example, a region that has a large electronics sector may be interested in promotional gifts that are computer related, like imprinted mouse pads, customized USB drives or CD holders.

*Culture. Perhaps a particular region has a history steeped in Amish culture. Maybe the area is rife with Native American tradition and lore. Choose gifts which reflect the unique culture of the area.

Doing just a little bit of research may have profound ramifications on the memorability of your company's name in the minds of your potential customers.

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