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Promotional Canvas Tote Bags, Custom Canvas Bags

Reusable shopping bags are “in,” and promotional canvas tote bags are the bag of choice for more advertisers than any other type.  Canvas has a lot of appeal when it comes to a custom bag material and chances are strong that the next imprinted shopping bag you walk past is made of canvas.  It’s the fabric of choice for a number of good reasons, especially these seven:

1) It has excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  Shopping bags have to be strong enough to hold heavy groceries.  However, they need to be lightweight too.  Canvas is manufactured using what is known as plain weave.  This particular knitting technique produces a fabric that is notoriously strong and provides as much strength as much heavier materials.  So go ahead, pack your custom canvas bag full of canned food.  It can handle them.

2) It’s durable.  Canvas is made of cotton which is a durable fabric.  The same plain weave that makes canvas strong also makes it durable.  A canvas bag can last for years, even decades, without tearing or wearing through.

3) It’s washable.  Canvas requires no special care.  It can be tossed in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry without damaging the fabric.  This is especially important if your customers plan to use their bags for grocery shopping.  Food leaks and stains are easily washed out, eliminating the transfer of bacteria when the bag is reused on a subsequent shopping trip.

4) It’s ideal for imprinting.  Canvas is excellent for imprinting because it is highly receptive to ink transfer.  It accepts color easily, and ink sets well without bleeding.  Once set, the ink resists fading and flaking or rubbing off and will even stay put when the bag is washed.  It’s the perfect material for imprinting with a logo.

5) It’s natural.  As already noted, canvas is made of cotton.  Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from the cotton plant, making it hypo-allergenic and easy to produce.

6) It’s environmental.  Because it comes from a plant, cotton is a renewable resource.  Cotton is manufactured with low environmental impact and it is even recyclable.

7) It’s affordable.  Canvas is an economical fabric to produce, making it highly affordable even for smaller businesses and advertisers.  The promotional canvas tote bags that Art Promos carries start at less than two dollars per bag. 

ArtPromos carries more than 160 styles of custom canvas bags.  They range in size and weight and from simple to complex in their features.  Knowing what your customers will be using their bags for will help you decide which style to choose.  Simple, single-compartment styles are perfect for use as grocery bags or for toting books.  More complex styles, such as those with zippers or extra compartments and pockets are better suited for use as beach bags or for carrying to school or work than a single-compartment style.  Additionally, custom canvas bags with gussets (an extra panel at the bottom of the big) adds more space to the inside of the bag and will be able to rest flat on the floor or ground when not in use.

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