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Promotional Beach Bags

Promotional beach bags make fabulous summer time promos, and they can be used by almost any type of retailer, from clothing to drug stores and even grocery stores. Promotional beach bags can be given away as a gift-with-purchase, offered for special sale (i.e. spend $50 in store and get a beach bag for only $5) or offered as contest prizes for summer-lovers. Whatever you decide to do with yours, you can help your customers and beach bag recipients adequately prepare for a day on the shore. Start with these ten beach bag essentials that everyone should pack before they head out:

1) Sunscreen: Preventing sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer, is critical to enjoying a day at the beach. Dermatologists recommend packing a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15. If you or your family members burn easily, you may want to choose a higher SPF. Try to select a variety that is paraben and fragrance-free.


2) Lip Balm: Lips can burn too, but they don't always get the same kind of protection as the rest of the skin. Include a protective lip balm with an SPF-rating of at least 15.

3) Sunglasses: UV rays cam cause damage to all parts of the eye and lead to cataracts and cancer. Be sure to throw in a good pair of sunglasses. Hint: not all "sunglasses" actually protect your eyes from UV rays. Look for those that are marked specifically as UV-protective, or as having a UV 400 rating.

4) Bottled water: Dehydration can creep up without a person even being aware of it. Make sure you bring water to the beach. You can bring commercially-bottled water or a re-usable water bottle filled with tap water. This way you'll have water on hand even if there is no water fountain or store nearby.

5) Promotional beach towels: You won't want to be caught after a swim without a good one!

6) Beach mat: You can find these made from all kinds of different materials. Straw beach mats are most common, inexpensive, lightweight and easily portable. You can also find them made of bamboo or foam. You can even buy high-tech versions that repel sand.

7) Wipes/moist towelettes: A small package of these doesn't take up much room and will last for several months. They're handy to have on-hand for spills and minor clean ups as well as for hands and face.

8) Hand sanitizer: Choose a small, travel-size bottle that's light and easy to carry.

9) Sun hat or visor: This will provide even more protection from sun rays and is ideal for the middle part of the day when the sun is at its brightest.

10) Hair ties and bobby pins: Carry a few of these around so that you always have one in an emergency. Keep your hair off of your face and stay cool when the temperature heats up.

Art Promos carries a wide variety of beach bag designs. The most popular are simple, Imprinted tote bags, with or without extra interior or exterior pockets. More intricate designs have specialized pockets for things like cell phones, keys and money. Many of our promotional beach bags are water-resistant or water-proof. Prices start at just a couple of dollars or less including imprinting or embroidering of your name/logo.

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