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Custom Printed Laptop Bags

Laptop computer ownership is on the rise, with more and more people purchasing and using them every year.  In fact, some users have forgone the clunky desktop altogether in favour of the mobile computer, at least when it comes to personal use.  Additionally, more employers are providing them for employees as standard-issue work equipment than ever before.  With more mobile computers out there, the opportunity for advertising on custom printed laptop bags are more abundant than ever before in history. 

Sometimes there is consumer confusion between the Custom computer bag and the Promotional imprinted computer sleeve. Both make effective advertising tools, but it is important for advertisers to understand the differences between the two in order to best appeal to their target market.

The Laptop Bag

The laptop bag evolved from the traditional promotional briefcase.  It is rectangular in shape like a briefcase but is almost always made from some type of soft, non-rigid material (unlike a briefcase which can be rigid or non-rigid). 

Laptop bags come in all kinds of different designs, but have a few major characteristics in common.  All are made with at least one large internal compartment which is closed using a zipper.  This is where the device is stored during transport.  Some models come with two or more interior compartments, one for the mobile device and others for holding papers and documents, just like a traditional briefcase.  Additionally, many modern versions come with extra, smaller compartments either inside or on the outside of the bag.  These smaller pockets are ideal for transporting promotional computer accessories, like a imprinted mouse or promotional speakers, or personal items like promotional wallets and cell phones.

All custom printed computer bags come with at least one set of handles.  They are located along one of the long edges of the bag so that the bag can be carried with the hands.  Many come with an additional handle in the form of a long, adjustable strap.  The strap is secured at opposite corners of the bag on the same side as the handles.  The strap can be worn over the shoulders so that the user's hands can remain free for other tasks.

The Laptop Sleeve

In many ways, the imprinted laptop sleeve is similar to the promotioal laptop bag.  It, too, is rectangular in shape with an opening along one end of the bag secured by a zipper.  It may have one large interior compartment to hold a mobile computer, or it may have a divided compartment to accommodate both a device and papers/documents.

The main differences between the laptop sleeve and the laptop bag is that the laptop sleeve does not have any handles.  It more closely resembles a folio case and is designed to be carried like one: under the arm.  The few laptop sleeves that do have handles usually have ones that are much smaller than those on a laptop bag, and they never have a shoulder strap.  Laptop sleeves are always made of non-rigid materials, and some are even made from flexible, stretchy fabric.  Laptop bags are generally suitable only for very compact and lightweight mobile computers (such as small netbooks) or for tablet devices.

Which One Should I Choose?

If you are trying to target as broad an audience as possible with your computer bag, recommends that you choose a bag rather than a sleeve.  There are far more laptop users than netbook and tablet users, so you'll get more bang for your buck with a custom printed laptop bag.  Keep in mind that the average size laptop device has a screen that is between 13 and 15 inches, so choosing a custom printed laptop bag that will accommodate devices this size will reach the broadest audience of users.

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