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Promotional Fanny Packs

Exactly when the Promotional fanny packs seeped into pop culture is unclear, but the general consensus in the fashion industry is that it was sometime around 1980.  Part utilitarian and part fashion statement, the fanny pack has been a part of pop culture for at least three decades.  Like any high-profile product, it didn't take long for advertisers start using them for their own gain.  Today the promotional fanny pack is still popular with advertisers and is especially effective when targeting travelers, beach goers and athletics enthusiasts.

Part of the reason it's difficult to pinpoint when the fanny pack was first invented is because it has been sold under many different names.  The term "fanny pack" was a nickname given to the product after it had already been on the market in various forms and designs from various companies.  The term "fanny pack" was adopted in pop culture in reference to any type of bag worn around the waist.  It was given the moniker because it was originally designed to be worn with the bag part in back, over the "fanny."  It is also referred to by other nicknames, including "waist bag," "belly bag," "hip sack," "hip bag."  It tends to have different nicknames in different parts of the world.

The first designs were likely modeled after the concept of the saddle bag.  The earliest saddle bags were designed to transport items on a horse.  The saddle bag idea was later applied to bicycles and motorcycles.

Some of the earliest fanny packs were military-issue so that soldiers could transport items on their person while keeping their hands free for combat and protection.  The first civilian versions were aimed at travelers as a convenient means of carrying small personal items like passports, identification, keys and money while leaving the hands free.

Although the basic concept of the fanny pack was largely utilitarian, it quickly became a target for fashion designers seeking to make it into a fashion statement, much like the purse, handbag or brief case.  The idea caught on and within a few years the fanny pack was a cultural icon.

While materials, colors and styles differ, the basic design of the fanny pack is the same across the board and has been since its inception.  It consists of a small bag, larger than a wallet but usually smaller than the average purse, on a belt.  The belt is worn around the waist on top of clothing.  The earliest designs were meant to be worn with the belt buckle in the front and the bag in the back.

Promotional fanny packs quickly became popular with tourists because they were able to carry all of their important personal items while sightseeing.  But when fanny packs became mainstream, pickpockets soon discovered how easy a target they were.  Subsequently, more and more people began wearing them with the buckle in the back or on the side and the bag on the front or side, making them more difficult for criminals to access.

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