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Promotional Lunch Bags, Insulated Lunch Bags

The lunch box has gone through many evolutions over the years.  From the early days when children took their lunches to school in a metal pail to the modern version (it's not even a box any more), not only have styles changed but also their technology.  Insulated lunch bags are incredibly popular, not just with school children but adults as well.  Insulated promotional lunch bags make fitting and memorable advertising gifts because:

1) They're a good environmental alternative to paper/plastic disposable bags. The average full time worker goes to his or her job between 180 and 210 days per year.  Using a reusable insulated lunch bag may save potentially 180 to 210 disposable lunch bags per worker every year from ending up in the landfill.

2) An increasing number of schools and workplaces are banning disposable lunch bags.  They are doing this for a number of reasons.  Some are simply falling into line with new rules that are cropping up in municipalities and states that are banning certain types of bags (like plastic) in their areas of jurisdiction.  Others are trying to set an example and making attempts to reduce the amount of corporate waste they generate.  Still others have gone this route for purely economical reasons, particularly schools.  The rising cost of waste and recycling pick-up has become too much to bear and so they are trying to reduce the amount of garbage that staff and students generate.

With so many people turning to reusable lunch bags, it's an ideal time to cash in and use the trend to your advantage.  A promotional lunch bag will get used over and over again, possibly for years.  This means repeated and long-term exposure for your name/brand.  AND, you can feel good about doing something to help reduce lunch-related waste.

3) They're safer and healthier.  Disposable paper and plastic bags have no real way of maintaining the temperature of foods that are stored inside.  They will eventually (sometimes very quickly) warm or cool to room temperature, and this increases the risk of food-borne illnesses.

Insulated lunch bags typically have three barriers against temperature change.  They have an outer layer made of some type of medium to heavy weight fabric, like nylon or neoprene.  The second layer is made from some type of insulating material, usually foam.  The third, inner layer is generally made of foil or plastic.  Together, these three layers form an excellent barrier between the contents and the outside of the bag, maintaining their temperature much longer than a paper or plastic bag.  Users can extend the life of their food by adding a small ice pack to the contents of the bag.  The layers will keep the contents cool and prevent any moisture (condensation) from leaking from the bag. carries a vast selection of insulated promotional lunch bags in various colors, styles, designs and sizes.  We have bags that appeal to both children and adults, men and women alike.

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