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Personalized Non Woven Tote Bags

Reusable personalized tote bags are everywhere these days, and these trendy little bags are catching on with all kinds of different businesses, not just retailers. They come in woven and non-woven varieties. While the term "woven" is pretty straightforward, not everyone understands what "non woven" tote bags are.

You might think, "isn't all cloth woven?"  Actually, it's not.  Most of the fabric that you see around you, including the clothing that you're wearing, is most likely made from "woven" fabric.  That is, the fabric was created by weaving multiple threads together to form a sheet.  But sheets of fabric can be created by other processes, too.  These processes can be chemical, mechanical or thermal (heat-based).  When one of these processes is used, the cloth is referred to as "non woven."

If you're thinking of using tote bags for your next advertising campaign, personalized non-woven tote bags have two major advantages that make them well worth your consideration:

* They're better for the environment than plastic or paper bags: Though the impact that plastic and promotioanl paper bags have on the environment is sometimes overstated, there is no arguing that reusing a particular bag many times is better than using a plastic shopping bag once and then discarding it.  Non-woven tote bags can be used many times and so may keep dozens or even hundreds of plastic shopping bags out of local landfills.  In fact, many municipalities, regions and even entire states have banned the distribution of plastic bags by retailers.  Promotional Non-woven tote bags are an excellent alternative, and they have a price advantage, too, as you'll see in our next point.

It's also important to point out that promotional cloth shopping bags, both woven and non-woven, can be recycled when they do eventually reach the end of their life span.  While cloth recycling facilities do not exist outside of most major urban centers, it's still possible to find places to drop off or send cloth bags to for recycling when the time comes.

* They're economical and affordable: Because it generally costs less to manufacture non-woven cloth than woven, personalized non-woven tote bags cost less per unit than those made from regular, woven cloth.  This is great news for smaller advertisers who may like the idea of advertising on imprinted tote bags but thought they were too expensive.  In fact, here at we carry several designs that start at less than one dollar each.

In comparison to woven tote bags, the non-woven kind offer the same benefits in terms of their ability to accept ink transfer.  They imprint as well as ordinary cloth, and many are just as strong and durable as regular cloth shopping bags. Personalized non-woven tote bags are ideal for packing in-store purchases and can even be sold for a nominal price to customers to encourage them to reuse them again and again.  They also make wonderful hand-outs at trade shows and other events, particularly those where participants are likely to accumulate a lot of extra stuff during their visit.  Everyone appreciates a free bag to carry items home in.

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