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Personalized Paper Shopping Bags, Imprinted Paper Tote Bags

Paper bags are not new.  In fact, they’ve been around much longer than promtional plastic shopping bags.  They are, however, experiencing renewed interest with both consumers and retailers.  This new interest has come in the wake of increased awareness of the effect that plastic bags have on the environment, as well as a move away from dependence upon petroleum-based products, like plastic.  Not only are retailers using more personalized paper shopping bags for their environmental value, they’re also using them in increasing numbers for their fine aesthetic appeal.

Paper tote bags tend to cost more than plastic ones, but their exquisite appearance adds an element of luxury to a guest’s purchase that custom plastic shopping bags just can’t offer.  So, if you’re looking for more elegant packaging that’s also better for the earth, personalized paper shopping bags can’t be beaten.  But what to choose?  Here are some of the most common, popular features of a paper tote and what they add to the overall appearance and appeal of the bag:

* Paper type: When you think of paper bags, you probably immediately picture the kind made from brown paper.  This is known as “kraft paper” and is ideal for bag-making because it’s strong enough to hold even heavier items without breaking.  While it’s thicker than the kind of paper you use in your printer, it’s not much heavier and packs a powerful strength-to-weight ratio.  Kraft paper comes in more colors than brown, though.  Brown and white are most common, but it is also available in a rainbow of other colors, too.

Promotional paper tote bags also come in a variety of other paper types.  Here at, in addition to our kraft paper bags, we also carry bags made from glossy paper (like the kind used in wrapping paper, but thicker and heavier) and regular, heavy-stock paper.  Whatever type of paper you select, all of our personalized paper shopping bags can be imprinted with a variety of ink colors that transfer well and don’t bleed or run.

* Handles: Not all of our bags have handles.  Those that do are typically made out of paper, much as the bag itself is.  Long pieces of paper (often the same type of paper that the bag is manufactured from) are twisted using a mechanical process that compacts it into a thin paper “rope” which is formed into individual loop-style handles.  Since the handles are made from paper, the entire bag can be recycled when it reaches the end of its life.

Other materials that are commonly used to make handles include fabric ribbon, jute, twine and plastic.  In such bags, the handle must be removed and recycled separately from the paper part of the tote.

* Lamination: Sometimes paper totes are laminated.  That is, the paper is coated with a thin layer of plastic.  This makes the bag stronger and more tear-resistant.  It also gives it a glossy look.  It can be advantageous to laminate a paper bag, especially if its intended contents are heavy or likely to tear the paper.  However, it is important to note that, in most cases, laminated paper cannot be recycled.  Although paper is recyclable and plastic is recyclable, when layered together through lamination, it can’t be mechanically separated for separate processing in a recycling facility.

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