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Promotional Stadium Seat Cushions, Promotional Imprinted Seat Cushions

Anyone who is a fan of live sports, whether professional, college or Little League, is all too familiar with the stadium seat.  Stadium seats, bleachers and benches were not designed with spectator comfort in mind. Fortunately, stadium seat cushions were created to make the spectator's experience a lot more comfortable. Promotional stadium seat cushions with your favorite team's logo make it even more fun.

The Two Basic Types

The promotional imprinted stadium seat cushions that Art Promos carries come in two basic styles. The first is the single cushion.  This type is made up a single cushion which is designed to be placed directly onto a seat or bleachers.  They're typically made of a foam core covered with some type of fabric.  The foam provides the extra softness while the fabric protects the foam and makes an ideal imprinting surface.  Another common style is the inflatable single cushion.  This style is made from some type of heavy material (vinyl and plastic are common) with a valve for inserting air.  The air is what creates the cushioning effect.

The second basic type is the double cushion.  This style features not just a seat cushion but also a cushion for the back.  They are designed specifically for seats, benches and bleachers that have a back rest. 

With most double cushions, the two parts are joined together and the entire device folds in half, just like a greeting card.  This allows for convenient and compact transport and quick assembly when you arrive at your destination.  Like the single cushion style, double seat cushions may be inflatable or made from foam.  The user simply unfolds the device, placing the seat portion on the bench or chair and the back cushion against the back rest.  This provides comfort for both the upper and lower body.

Both styles are highly compact so they're easy to carry to games.  Inflatable cushions can also be transported in the deflated state for even more compact transport.  The user simply blows air in at his destination.  It can then be deflated for transport back home if desired. 

The non-inflating single cushions and folded double cushions that Art Promos carries come in sizes that range from 12 inches by 12 inches to 14 inches by 14 inches.  This size range still allows for convenient transport.  Some of our styles even come with extra features like built-in handles so that your promotional stadium seat cushion can be carried like a small brief case, or blankets (perfect for chilly fall days watching football).  In fact, stadium seat cushions can be used in a variety of locations, situations and events, not just for watching live sports.

If you're trying to match your team's colors, many of's promotional imprinted stadium seat cushions come in multiple colors.  You also have the option of printing your logo in multiple colors to match your team's colors.  The four-color digital imprinting process ensures precision color-matching and bright, bold imprints.



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