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Custom Imprinted Stadium Cups, Customized Stadium Cups

Even if you hear the term "stadium cup" and aren't familiar with it, chances are good that you've probably seen stadium cups and just didn't realize it.  If you've ever been to a professional sporting event or game or perhaps a theme park, you've likely seen a stadium cup.  The term refers to reusable beverage cups, usually with no handle, that are typically sold filled with a beverage like beer or soda. Instead of throwing the cup away when you're finished, you can take it home and use it again and again.  Because it is designed to be a souvenir, stadium cups are often custom imprinted with a logo, message or graphic of some kind.

promotional stadium cups may come in a variety of sizes.  However, they tend to be larger in size, most commonly between 16 ounces and 32 ounces, though there are some that are bigger and smaller than that. carries a variety of custom imprinted stadium cups.  They are almost always made of food-grade, medium to heavy weight plastic.  There are several reasons why plastic is the material of choice for custom imprinted stadium cups:

* It is washable and can be reused.  The idea of the stadium cup is that it is practical in the sense of being a container for a beverage that patrons would want to consume while at an event.  But it is also meant to be a souvenir of the event or occasion, so making it from food-grade plastic means that the receiver can take the cup home and use it again.  When it is no longer needed, it can be recycled (unlike a disposable foam beverage cup).

* It is inexpensive and cost effective.  Plastic customized stadium cups cost little more than disposable cups, so they're affordable.  The cost of the cup can easily be worked into the cost of the beverage that it's sold with, making it a viable and effective means of advertising and enticing people to spend money.

* It is lightweight.  Cups and promotional mugs made of ceramic, metal or other materials are not always suitable for certain applications and situations.  Plastic is the ideal material for a cup that is intended to be filled with a beverage and sold at a game or event, and it's light enough that patrons don't mind carrying it home afterward.  Plus, it means that your shipping costs will be lower and that they'll be easier for you to transport to events or other locations.

* It is durable.  In spite of being lightweight, plastic is a relatively durable material.  It won't break, and a stadium cup made out of plastic can last for years. selection of promotional stadium cups is varied when it comes to colors and styles. In fact, we carry dozens of colors, making it easy for you to coordinate with your team's or organizations colors or logo.  

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