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Promotional Beach Bags, Imprinted Beach Totes

Summer time is the perfect season for a beach-themed advertising campaign and your very own promotional beach bags imprinted with your company's name can be the focal point.  Our handy guide to promotional beach bags can set you on the road to branding success this beach season.

What Makes a Beach Bag a Beach Bag?

All beach bags are tote bags, but not all tote bags are beach bags.  "Tote bag" is a catch-all term for square or rectangular bags with loop-style handles.  A tote bag can be just about any size and can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, cotton, vinyl, plastic, polyester and more.

What makes a tote bag a beach bag is generally the type of material it is made from.  They're typically made from waterproof or water-resistant fabric, such as vinyl, or from a fabric that's treated with a water-resistant coating.  This helps to keep the contents of the bag dry.  It also ensures that sand won't stick or become embedded into the fabric.

While a "tote bag" may be fairly simple in design, a beach bag often has extra features added to it, particularly pockets and compartments.  They may have both outside and inside pockets added which are handy for carrying and storing beach essentials like sunscreen as well as for holding important personal items like car keys and cell phones.  Some even have insulated compartments which are handy for storing food and drinks, keeping them fresh and cool.

Selecting Your Promotional Beach Bag

This list of criteria will help you as you select from the myriad of beach bags Art Promos carries:

* Budget: Beach bags range in price, and the cost usually depends on the type and number of design features of a particular bag. A basic design may cost between $1.50 and $4.00 each, while more complex designs, like those with pockets and compartments, may cost as much as $20 or more a piece. 

* Purpose: How you plan to use your promotional beach bags will play a significant role in your selection.  If you plan to give them away, you may want to go with a more basic, less expensive design.  If you plan to re-sell them, you may be able to spend a little more.

* Your market: If you live in a place like California or Florida where beach-going is a near year-round practice, you may want to choose a design with more features.  If you live in a northern region far away from a coastline where beach-going is limited to a couple of months each year, a simpler design may suffice your needs.

How to Use Beach Bags as Branding Tools

Be creative with your promotional beach bags.  There are lots of ways you can use them to brand yourself while also encouraging return business:

* Free with purchase offer: Boost in-store sales by offering customers a free bag with the purchase of a specific item (like sunscreen) or with a minimum purchase (for example, $25 or more).

* Offer for retail sale: Simply offer your bags for sale in your store, pricing them just high enough to recoup your investment plus a small profit.

* Hold a contest: Offer shoppers the chance to enter a contest to receive a free beach bag.

* Create an in-store display: Use your imprinted beach bags within an in-store, summer-themed display.  You can include other summer promotional products such as custom beach balls, sunglasses, beach towels and personalized frisbees.

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