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Custom Printed Laptop Bags

The laptop is no longer a device exclusively for the professional.  Today’s laptop users range widely in age and background.  Laptops are used and carried by young children all the way to senior citizens.  They comprise all kinds of primary uses: work, school, gaming, socializing and simply as a means for surfing the Web.

With so many devices out there, the opportunities for reaching the portable computer user with your advertising on custom printed laptop bags are better than ever.  And although the prices of laptops and other portable devices like tablets have dropped over the years, computers still represent a significant personal financial investment, and users are eager to protect that investment in any way they can, including using a laptop bag for convenient and safe transport of the device.  Putting your logo on a custom printed laptop bag is an excellent way to promote your brand, company or organization while reaching an ever-broadening audience.

Laptops come in an enormous range of designs, styles and types.  When a laptop user is looking for a protective laptop bag, here are a few of the most important considerations they’ll make:

Size: A good laptop bag has to be big enough to hold the device snuggly.  But too much extra room could lead to the device shifting around in transit, which can result in costly damage.

* What this means for advertisers: The most common laptop screen size is between thirteen and fifteen inches, meaning that the actual device itself will be just slightly larger than that.  If you want to reach as many users as possible with your custom printed laptop bags, choose a design that will fit devices that fall into that size range.

Storage: Most consumers are going to want at least a few storage compartments in a custom printed laptop bag in addition to the main compartment. Users will need a place to put computer accessories and personal items like keys and cell phones.

* What this means for advertisers: Choose a design that has compartments for basic computer accessories like cords/chargers, a mouse, portable speakers and other items.

Ease of transport: Users need to be able to conveniently carry their laptop bags from one place to another.

* What this means for advertisers: Look for designs that incorporate both carry handles and a shoulder strap.  This way the user can carry the bag with his hands (like carrying a suitcase) or sling it over a shoulder for hands-free transport.  Make sure to choose a model with an adjustable strap so that it fits users of all sizes.

Design: Laptop bags come in all kinds of designs.  They can be made from a variety of different materials.  Canvas and polyester are most common, though they can be made from other materials like cotton/poly-cotton, neoprene and leather. 

* What this means for advertisers: If you’re trying to appeal to a broad user base (men and women, young and old), choose a design that has broad appeal. Neoprene and polyester bags work for almost every kind of user and they’re less expensive than other materials, like leather.  Choose a neutral color, like black or brown, which works well for a variety of users.



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