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Promotional medical coloring books make fabulous educational tools for teaching children about healthcare principles like dental hygiene, germ prevention, earth care, the dangers of drugs, learning to be "stranger-safe" and many other health and safety-related topics. We carry a wide range of promotional Medical coloring books that are fun, engaging and enticing to children, and each one can be custom-branded with your business logo or message!

Kids love our line of brightly-colored and expertly-illustrated promotional Medical coloring books. They are the perfect way to teach children principles of health care, personal safety and self-esteem. Not only are our coloring books fantastic educational tools, they are also excellent for branding your health-related business or organization.

Our inventory includes over 200 promotional coloring books. They cover a range of health, hygiene and safety topics, including:

  • Germ prevention
  • Proper oral hygiene
  • Saying "NO" to drugs
  • Saying "NO" to smoking
  • Choosing healthy foods
  • Caring for the environment
  • Good fitness/exercise
  • How to stay safe when you're home alone
  • Staying safe online
  • Basic first aid and accident prevention
  • School bus safety
  • Stranger danger
  • Body and self image
  • plus other topics like etiquette, as well as promotional coloring books depicting historical periods, science topics and messages of tolerance/acceptance, anti-bullying and many, many more.

    No matter what your business, organization or event, we carry a promotional coloring book that will help you get your important message across to young consumers. Our fully-illustrated, ready-to-color books will be custom imprinted with your business logo or personalized message.

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