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Personalized Duffel Bags, Custom Logo Travel Bags

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Custom imprinted Duffel Bags are Available in various sizes, colors and materials, is your source for promotional Duffel Bags for over 28 years. Their large imprint area and versatility make our Personalized Duffel bags a great choice For giveaways, universities, camping's, outings. etc.
If you regularly deal with athletes, travelers or vendors who represent sports/travel businesses, why not consider branding your own business using Imprinted Logo Promotional Duffle or Sports Bags?

The "Duffle" or "Duffel" bag originated in Duffel, Belgium. It actually referred to the type of material that was first used to make this uniquely-shaped bag. As time went on, it came to refer to the style of the bag itself. It is well-known for its characteristic cylindrical, barrel shape.

Today's duffle bags and sports bags are made from all kinds of different materials. Polyester, nylon, canvas and other types of cotton are popular. Just what makes the Logo Promotional Duffle and Sports Bag such a fabulous advertising gift idea. Consider some of the benefits that duffle and sports bags offer:

*They weigh considerably less than a suitcase of comparable size and volume. If you happen to be a frequent traveler, you know how much this matters. Every ounce counts when you're checking your travel bags for an airline flight. You take more of your personal items when you have less suitcase!

They're flexible, therefore, they're easier than a suitcase to fit into tight spaces. This includes airplane overhead storage compartments or the trunk of a car. They make compact traveling a cinch.

They're easier to carry than a suitcase. Many Promotional Duffle and Sports Bags feature over-the-shoulder straps for transporting. Some even convert to backpacks, which is ideal for the hiker or student backpacker.

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