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Promotional Imprinted Lunch Bags. Perfect bag for lunch. Insulated lunch bags keeps your lunch fresh. Have customized logo or message imprinted on printable bags.Logo printed bags great for company picnics, universities, campings..

Targeting the lunch crowd with Imprinted Promotional Lunch Bags:

The potential of insulated lunch bags as promotional gifts and branding tools is often overlooked by advertisers. These handy, practical little tote bags, though small, hold a plethora of opportunities.

What to look for in your ideal Promotional Imprinted Lunch Bag:

*Space: Choose a Custom Logo Lunch Bag that has enough room to fit an average-size meal. If a sandwich doesn't fit inside, it's almost a guarantee that your advertising gift will never get used by the recipient, and a branding tool that's never seen won't build brand awareness.

*Insulation: Insulated bags tend to be preferred because they keep contents at a more constant temperature than those that aren't. Cold foods stay colder and warm foods stay warmer.

*Sturdy construction and quality materials: An advertisement of any kind is only effective if it's viewed. If you want to get more advertising per dollar spent, then you need a promo item that will last longer and be seen frequently. Selecting a Custom Logo Lunch Bag that's well-made will ensure that your gift won't fall apart after only a few uses.

*Straps and handles: Promotional bags with handles are easier to carry and, therefore, more likely to be used on a regular basis. Art Promos carries Logo Promotional Lunch Bags with carry-handles as well as straps for over-the-shoulder transport. Adjustable straps make them easier to use by people of all heights.

Who to target with Custom Logo Imprinted Lunch Bag advertising:

One of the reasons that these bags make such great branding tools is that they're used and seen by people of all ages. You may find them to be very effective tools for your own business if:

*You cater to students: Every student uses one, and with thousands of students in your sphere of influence, the market is enormous. Promotional Imprinted Lunch Bags are an effective way to reach elementary, high school and even college students with a message. They also work well with teachers!

*You want to reach workers: Workers and commuters are a significant market. If you have a work-related brand or message to convey, a Customized Lunch Bag makes an ideal "canvas" for that message.

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