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No day at the park or beach is complete without a lively game of frisbee. It's the quintessential outdoor game that anyone can play. Personalized frisbees with your company's name, logo or personalized message will have universal appeal and make a spectacular way to advertise your business in a unique, memorable way.

Get your spin on! Personalized frisbees with your company's name and logo will a big hit at the park or beach, and your targeted message will reach the kind of receivers you're looking for.

The craze first started with a flying cake pan, and a new trend was born. The "flying disc" went through many name changes over the decades, as well as numerous design changes and improvements. While the first mass-made frisbees were simple plastic discs, today's models are made of all kinds of different materials and some designs have been engineered to fly faster and further than their early predecessors.

This simple game has remained popular through the years, and today custom frisbees are welcome gifts for people of all ages from young children to senior citizens. Personalized frisbees are ideal for giving away at trade shows, children's events, family and community festival and sporting events. Art Promos carries dozens of different designs and styles in a variety of materials, including personalized Frisbee made from fabric like nylon that can be compacted to pocket-size and even mailed out!

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