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Encourage good health and ongoing wellness with Art Promos' diverse line of Healthcare Promotional Products. Choose from hundreds of unique items your clients can use to improve their health and imprint them with your logo or a personalized message reminding them that you care about their wellbeing.
Few things are as important as good health. You can convey that message with clarity when you imprint your business logo on one of our practical Promotional Healthcare Products.

Art Promos carries a huge line of Promotional Health Items. Our products include:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness items: Pink bracelets, awareness ribbons, breast self exam printed literature, breast care diaries and breast care health peaks make excellent tools for promoting breast health and raising awareness for breast cancer prevention and research.
  • Custom Band Aids & Band Aid Dispensers: Print your logo on bandages or bandage holders, available in a range of colors and styles.
  • Dental promos: Oral care is an integral part of good health. Dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tooth picks and travel tooth brush holders are just a few of the products you'll find in the dental category.
  • Custom Pedometers: Step, walk, jog or run your way to fitness!
  • Imprinted Medicine Spoons & Droppers: Give your loved ones just the right dose with these practical items.
  • Personalized Pill Splitters & Crushes: These tools make it easy to ensure correct division of pills.
  • Promotional Pill Boxes & Holders: Count out a week, two week's or even a month's worth of medications for simple and efficient use.
  • Customized Coloring Books: Even children can take charge of their health and fitness. These personalized health care coloring books will help them learn how.
  • Promotional Healthcare Products are ideal for use in clinics, pharmacies, public health centers and schools. They're also perfect for distributing at health fairs and health care trade shows.

    It's all about pursuing wellness and fullness of life, and you can be an important part of that pursuit with these wonderful Promotional Healthcare Products.

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