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A beautiful, classic promotional desk clock with your company logo will serve as a daily reminder of your business or organization. Our inventory ranges from simple and practical to artful and award-worthy. Imprinting or engraving your message on promotional desk clocks says you appreciate your customers, employees, vendors or partners in a unique and utterly memorable way.

Promotional desk clocks provide a tangible and highly visible means of ensuring that your company's name gets remembered. Unlike a product like a mug, which might get tucked away inside of a cupboard for most of its time, a gift like a customized desk clock will be given a place of noticeable prominence, like the surface of a desk or table or on a shelf. It will be referenced often, viewed perhaps even several times each day, so the opportunities for your logo to be seen and remembered will likely be in the hundreds in a given year.

How to use a promotional desk clock: This wonderful branding tool is one that is ideal for sharing with those who are closest to your company. This may include valued employees, loyal customers, business partners and associates or commercial vendors. If you're looking for unique ways to use them to make a positive impact on your bottom line, consider:

  • Giving them out as special holiday gifts. They're suitable for employees, vendors and your most loyal customers.
  • Giving them as gifts for employees' who retire from your company or organization.
  • Using them as awards for great performance or multiple years of service within your company or organization.
  • As a means of enticing new business or accounts.'s logo custom desk clocks come in a wide selection of artistic, classic and contemporary designs, and include both analog and digital clocks. Each design can be imprinted with your business name, logo and/or a personalized message. Some models also offer engraving as an alternative imprinting. No matter what you choose, our state-of-the-art equipment and software ensures that your message will be clear, precise and unforgettable.

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