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Promotional Mouse Pads Custom Printed With Company Logo

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Promotional mouse pads are an ideal way to promote your business or organization.s Use a mouse pad with logo to increase name recognition and customer contact.

We have all types of Promotional mouse pads like the Soft Touch surface sensation, If you curled up by the fire in flannel pajamas then you're already familiar with the Soft Touch surface sensation which creates lasting first impressions and unforgettable promotions, or the hard surface mouse pads that present your image in brilliant detail and protect your promotional message under a durable surface creating

Any surface makes a great advertisement, and Promotional Mouse Pads make some of the best ones! Their flat surfaces, geometrical shapes and innovative designs make them an eye-catching and memorable item on which to place your business logo or personalized message.

The plain, square, monotone mouse pads from the early years of the computer are a thing of the past. Today's Promotional Mouse Pads are die-cut into a myriad of different shapes and sizes. Additionally, many of the Mouse Pads with logo that we carry employ modern technologies that enhance user experience and further protect your mouse and your desk from damage. Add to that the ability to imprint a mouse pad with pictures and multiple colors, and you get a high-quality advertising product that is practical and useful.

To start, choose from all kinds of different geometrical shapes, including square, rectangular, round, oval and even fun custom shapes like paw prints. Next, pick a design. We carry a wide variety of stock designs including sports balls (basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls), houses and numerous stock photo designs. With some of our Promo Mouse Pads you can even submit your own artwork for a truly customized item.

Consider some of our most innovative Promotional Mouse Pads for imprinting of your message. They include:

  • Gel-filled: These Imprinted Mouse Pads with logo are filled with a cushion gel so you put less pressure on your wrists as you work.
  • Slip-thru windowed: Personalized these models, which feature transparent pockets into which you can slip a photo.
  • Built-ins and multipurpose: These models have built in calculators and other handy features so your Mouse Pad with logo is like a 2-in-1 promo.

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