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Promotional Memo Holders, Promo customized Memo Holders

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Promotional Memo Holders are handy Holders designed to keep papers, notes and important documents together. These convenient Holders are ideal for both home and work or office use and make great advertising giveaways when imprinted with your logo or personalized message.
Promotional Memo Holders are a simple, efficient and inexpensive answer to the problem of keeping organized. These handy Holders can be used just about anywhere, and because they're so economical they make fantastic advertising gifts that will help you get your name or message out there.

A memo holder typically consists of some type of a clip. Better than a paper clip, a Promotional Memo Holder can hold multiple sheets of paper together, even stacks of paper or documents. Use them in lots of ways for a variety of tasks. They're perfect for:

  • Use at work. Keep important documents together. Many of our Promotional Memo Holders can even hold multiple file folders. Pass them around the office and rest assured that none of your documents get lost in the shuffle.
  • The home office. They work just as well on your desk at home as they do at the office. Clip together kids' homework, release and permission forms, coupons, photos, letters and more.
  • In the kitchen. They're just as handy for closing food bags as they are for holding papers together.
  • On the refrigerator or other metal surfaces. Memo Holders with magnetic backs can be stuck to refrigerators, metal doors, metal filing cabinets and more. They're even great for displaying photos and children's artwork.

Most of our Promotional Memo Holders are compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They're lightweight and small which makes it easy to carry them to trade shows and other off-site events so that you can promote your business wherever you happen to be.

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