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Want your marketing message to really STICK? Then imprint your business information, logo and personalized message on one of Art Promos' Promotional Magnetic Calendars. With 365 daily uses guaranteed, you have a year's worth of reasons to choose Promotional Magnetic Calendars to make sure that your name sticks in the minds of your customers.

Promotional Magnetic Calendars offer advertisers like you 365 chances to have your business name or personalized message STICK in your customers' minds. Art Promos selection of over 45 Promotional Sticky & Magnetic Calendars get stuck in all kinds of high-traffic locations like the wall, the kitchen refrigerator, filing cabinets and dozens of other visible places. Every glance at one of our Promotional Magnetic Calendars is an advertising opportunity for your company.

Here are just a few reasons why Promotional Magnetic and Sticky Calendars make some of the world's best advertising tools:

  • Everyone has a place to stick one up: the refrigerator, a metal filing cabinet, a metal door, even your car. They are universally useful!
  • Everyone needs a calendar. Even people who wear watches and carry cell phones to check the date still rely on good old-fashioned hard-copy calendars, particularly at home and at the office where it's more convenient to look up to see a year's worth of dates at one time.
  • They're dual purpose. You won't find many refrigerators without at least one or two magnets on them. Promotional Magnetic Calendars are great both for date reference as well as for sticking important papers, notes and reminders to your refrigerator or other metal surfaces.
  • With 365 days in every year (366 in Leap Year) your custom advertising message will get at least 365 views! What a powerful way to ensure that your name STICKS in your customers' minds!

Combine the best of two promotional items, magnets and calendars, for an advertising product that is extremely practical as well as cost-effective, especially considering how many times your message will be viewed throughout the year. Art Promos' Promotional Magnetic Calendars start at less than 50 cents each including the cost of printing.

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