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No matter what your age or your job, you should always take time out of your day to play! Art Promos' line of Promotional Puzzles and Promotional Brain Teasers provide a fun break in your day while still keeping your mind active and sharp. Try to solve one of these Brain-Teasing Puzzles. Whenever your receiver solves the puzzle, he or she will see your complete advertising information. It's a great reminder of your business. Your receiver can keep one of these fun Promotional Puzzle on a home or office desk for the perfect break from routine!

Puzzles aren't just for fun, although that is reason enough to spend time solving them. They're good for the brain, too, which is just one more good reason to consider using promotional puzzles as a unique advertising tool for your business or event.

Did you know that solving puzzles, whether it's a jigsaw puzzle with a scenic picture or a brain-teasing puzzle game, can increase your mental accuity? Amazing that an activity that helps to release and relieve stress also stimulates brain function. The activity of putting something back together taps into both sides of your brain and helps to sharpen your memory and improve overall brain function.

Brain benefits aside, they're just plain fun to do, and you can use them just about anywhere. Art Promos carries promotional puzzles that can be played with on table tops at home or a desktop at work. We carry brain teasers and puzzles that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, your pocket, hand bag, brief case or desk drawer. Our promotional puzzles come in a variety of shapes, too, including three-dimensional cube, round, spiral and novelty-shaped and which can be played with on-the-go; no table top required! And of course all of our promo puzzles can be imprinted with your name, logo or personalized message for a gift that is both distinctive and unforgettable.

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